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Christmas pictures

| December 16, 2004

Our tree Our tree. Arthur under the tree Arthur under the tree. Our tree Mikey in a packing box.

Merry christmas, lady of the evening, lady of the evening, lady of the evening!

| December 14, 2004

Sooo, this new IBM laptop is pretty impressive. (It's an R50p, for those who are curious).

– It’s the best machine in my house as far as a gaming system goes (which either says something really bad about my desktops, or really good about this laptop, take your pick) – Screen resolution of 1600×1200 is very nice. Mated to a 128MB Mobile FireGL makes it better. – The hinges are really solid and impressive – At 6lbs, it’s on the heavy side, but is noticeably lighter than my Inspiron 8100 – 1.7GHz Pentium M (1MB cache) doesn’t hurt either. – It has a middle mouse button (this is important in the Unix world) – It has a 7200RPM hard disk (which is, like, desktop speed) – Rather than supply recovery CD’s, IBM has a “recovery partition”, which is hidden from the OS and partitioning program by the BIOS. Upside: no disks to lose, and since I got this used, I could repartition it and throw Windows on it rapidly. Note that, to do this, you need to leave space as hda1 for the Windows partition. It will delete it and recreate it. Downside: Can’t change the hard drive easily (though you could put it into a machine that couldn’t see the partition and copy that bit over, in theory). If you really want that space, you can also turn it off in the bios. – Yes, I said I’m running Windows. Why? Well, I’ve always kept a Windows machine around for old video games. Now, I’m moving that machine to my laptop. Since this has a 60GB drive, and my old laptop had a 40, it’s not like I’m losing space if I split it 20 Windows, 40 Linux. – I’m also doing an install of a bunch of stuff from The Open CD, which is a nice collection of Win32 F/OSS ports that you can give to your Windows friends to “show them the way” as it were. – Downside: The optical drive doesn’t always close nicely, you sometimes have to hold it.

Almost fell off the flat earth…

| December 9, 2004

For everyone who is missing me and wonders where I've been, I've been in Long Island.

For those of you who have never been to Long Island, it's a lot like Rhode Island – the roads are crappy, and no one moves here unless they were from here originally, are going to college, or marry someone who was from here.

Anyway, the new job is going well enough. Still figuring things out, but that is not abnormal for new codebase and new languages. SQL makes my brain hurt; I'm not used to that many words in code. Same with VB.

My new laptop (IBM Thinkpad R50p) is nifty. It's running Gentoo, and I've installed the ati binary drivers (doom3 being the driving force behind that). Plus, it has a dvd player, and I've gotten that working (region code needed to be set). The huge 1600×1200 screen allows for massive real estate – I'm watching The Way of the Gun, entering this, reading slashdot, and chatting with Liz all at the same time.

Stuff to fiddle with on it:

  • Wireless (madwifi looks promising)
  • Bluetooth (It's builtin, don't know what I'll do with it yet)
  • Hibernation (swsusp, probably)

But, it's nice and slick and happy and well put together. Makes me happy.

Oh, and for those who haven't seen me, I've shaved the beard and gotten a real haircut. The former was because Liz wanted to see what it would look like, and mentioned this at dinner with her family. After dinner, I shaved it off. The haircut was that once the beard was off, the scruffy haircut looked out of place.

I guess that's it for now.