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1st vs. 2nd amendment

Posted By on November 11, 2004

Why is it that the KKK can hold rallies threatening Jews, Homosexuals and Minorities, but if those same oppressed groups are frightened and want to arm themselves to protect hearth and home against said KKK, they have to wait some period of time and (often) acquire a permit before purchasing said arms?

This is, of course, crystallized in Ann Coulter's book How to talk to a liberal. Though I never thought I would be quoting her, I did see Michael Moore's movie, so I figure I should at least read her book (and Liz bought it off audible and has been playing it in the car). Anyway, she talks about the second amendment and brings up some good points (and I'm paraphrasing here):

  • If the second amendment was as strictly interpreted as the first, we would have the right to bear nuclear arms.

  • If guns are removed from the equation, women become prey, easily overpowered by male assailants. “God made men and women, Col. Colt made them equals.”

  • Most anti-gun people don't really want to get rid of guns, but rather rid the world of violence. This is a laudible goal. It is also somewhat laughable. As long as the world is full of testosterone, there will be violence and war.

While I don't agree with the second half of the last point, as I've seen too many vicious and malicious women in my travels, I do think the rest hold water.

Oh well, it's a holiday today, and my dad just joined a firing range, so I'm off to do some shooting with him at the range.


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