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I can't do this for much longer

Posted By on June 28, 2004

So, after being on vacation for a week and coming back to work, I realize that I can’t do this anymore and really need to get out. Unfortunately, I kind of made a gentleman’s agreement with my boss to stick around for another year. He would like me to stay longer (not out of any obligation, just as friendly advice he thinks it would be good for my career), but honestly, I just can’t do it anymore. I’m so tired of the everpresent tension, ever-changing specifications and fixed deadlines. I wonder who at work is going to flip out next (and I’m not innocent of doing it either). I thought that after my vacation, I might give a shit again. What I find is that I care less. I think that I’m seriously underpaid for what I do, and that basically they should either give me like a 20% raise or just make me a developer again. The stress just isn’t worth the paycheck. So, Liz is looking at Cornell for grad school, and, while the plan was always to go with her, maybe I’ll go back to grad school too. I guess really what it comes down to is that I’ve basically bought all the toys that I want, and I’ll probably save up money so that I can live by Cornell, and do something that I want to do – some research or something that is a lot less stress and more interesting. In other news, no one should rent from Kingston Gardens. On Friday ad 4:30, the knob broke off my shower faucet. I called maintenance, but got the answering service – everyone had left at 1. Oh, okay. No worries about it tonight, I’m headed to my girlfriend’s anyway. Saturday, they call me – “Can you stay at your girlfriend’s all night; we don’t want to call the plumber on Saturday”. Well, that’s nice. Sure, whatever, I’ll be nice. Today, I come home. Sure, it’s fixed, but they had to tear out a wall to do it, and they left sheetrock dust all over the place, as well as emptying out the closet (the pipes run through one side of the closet), not putting anything back, and removing one of the braces for one of the shelves. It’s a good thing I own a vacuum and a hammer, eh? Oh, and they tripped a breaker while working on this, turning off the air conditioner, so when I got back, the apartment was like 90+ deg F (32 + deg 5). I don’t suppose I need to tell anyone that the temperature alarms and auto-shutdown procedures on my roughly $5,000US of computer hardware start going off at 35C. This is not an isolated incident – this is representative of the quality of service you can expect from these folks. Liz thinks I should write them a “constructive criticism” letter. I think that I’m moving out, so why bother? Leave on good terms and not bother with it. But, Liz is rather insistent, so I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow. It’s probably not good to write about it when I’m angry anyway. I’m going to play StarCraft now…


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