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Posted By on June 24, 2004

So, the apartment is all neatened up; as much as it can be with not enough space. Now I'm just relaxing and playing video games. I fired up the wintendo and started using it to play video games again. Of course, since it sits idle for most of the time, I installed the United Device software to look for a cure for cancer or do smallpox research (whichever project they need it to work on). Unfortunately, it only runs on windows machines. Kind of silly of them – imagine how much work they could get done with a bunch of idle dual G5 boxen…

So, has anyone else noticed that the SK town water has gotten really bad recently? Liz says it always tasted like that, but I'm convinced that it has at least contributed to my stomach troubles of late – I've been worried about being dehydrated, so I've been drinking something like 2-3 liters of water a day, but I feel worse. I switched to bottled spring water a couple days ago, and I feel much better, and a lot less thirsty.

Mikey (Liz's cat) has been staying with me this week since I'm home. Being with Arthur gives him someone to play with, and I can keep an eye on them. It's good for them to play together, especially since they'll be living together in a month. It's going to be nuts this month: Back to work: 4 days Birthday: 14 days Historicon: 20 days Start painting the apartment/moving in: 25 days Big move in: 30 days

We need to have like 4 parties to rotate though the various groups of friends and invite everyone over.

the cat in the rack Mikey in the rack. No, the shelf isn’t broken – he just decided to jump in after I had removed all the screws.


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