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Strange week

Posted By on May 8, 2004

Started out normal enough, dealing with customers, like that.

Then lots of various important people came out for the quarterly review meetings. Okay, not a problem. I have some meetings about products, all pretty normal.

Then, a bunch of sales guys corner my boss and get him to agree to something that, while not very difficult, is a rather a delicate design change, and royally fucks up my schedule. So, I have to deal with this. Okay. Not a problem; a developer and I will work in lockstep today (because it's 2 components talking to each other) and get it working, then test the shit out of it next week.

However, I come in, and this mechanical engineer is working on a printer on a lab table across from my cube. He's complaining about the software, basically saying that all my stuff is crap, and none of the software people do their jobs. So, I ask him to show me, and basically what he shows me is that everything is working as designed. He may not like it, but this is the way the customers want it. You'd think that would shut him up, but he just keeps going on about it, for like half an hour. Now, this is not an isolated incident; he busts everyone's balls like this all the time, and he's even worse if you try to help him with whatever problems he's seeing. It's just not a very productive working relationship.

So, I bang on the table and yell at him that I'm sick of it, and he's been all over everyone's shit for the past month and he should just lay off. Then I storm off, and realize that half the engineering department has heard this (it was early, not everyone was there). I've never flipped out at anyone like that. It just came over me.

So, I chatted with my boss, the project leader, a few other people that were there, and they basically say that, while I might have been justified in doing that, it might not have been the most productive outlet for it. They're right, but sometimes you just go off. And who knows, flipping out shut him up for the rest of the day, so maybe it was just something that needed to be said and some good will come of it.

Then I left early with a splitting headache. I went food shopping (because I had no supper), and then came home and took a nap – for 5 hours. I only woke up because the phone rang. I still have a headache, the world has that odd surreal feeling. So, I'm going to turn in for the night soon.

Tomorrow, I'm going to make waffles, sausage, juice and a pot of coffee. (What can I say, it's the little things. 😉 ) I'll finish up my Gentoo installations (making all my boxen happy Gentoo systems, all done in nicely synchronous fashion.. I think I'll have to write up a document about what I did), write up all the mothers day cards (2 grandmothers, a godmother, and a mother), write my grandmother another letter (we write back and forth – it's nice, she's old and a bit lonely, I think, so we write to each other. It's interesting – definitely a generational schism there, but it's interesting to see it from another point of view), and just generally relax.

Sunday, my mother, father, and possibly brother and his girlfriend are coming down for mother's day. I was thinking that I would take them all out to Crazy Burger for dinner. Liz told my mom that she has to get the fried ice cream. I agree. If you've never had Crazy Burger's fried ice cream, then you're really missing out.

I suppose that's it for now. Night all.


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