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D20 CoC house rules

| February 15, 2004

In theory, these are applicable to other D20 games. Feel free to use, improve, redistribute, etc. This was done in LaTeX. If people want the source, I can post it. If you want to contribute back, I'll include changes that I like.

The rules

Happy Valentine's day

| February 15, 2004

Valentine's day was nice. Liz and I had breakfast, then we went out and got the ingredients for dinner. Then we went out to see Something's Gotta Give which was a cute movie. Then, we came back and I made honey chicken stir fry, and liz brought over the coolest dessert. (See cut below). Liz got me The Abyss: Special Edition along with Dropkick Murphy's: Live on St. Patrick's Day, a Tea Pot (I have a kettle, just not a pot) and a selection of tea. I got her Romeo and Juliet along with a couple of movie posters from it. I also got her the second season of The Osbournes and the third season of Family Guy.

Chocolate Sushi Chocolate sushi – the California rolls are truffles, and the sushi is ladyfingers on top of butter cream frosting. Arthur in rubbermaid Arthur discovers rubbermaid containers. Maybe I should try and travel him like this instead of in his carrier. He seems to like it more.

Psychoanalyze the Troll!

| February 9, 2004

Dr. Scratchansniff takes on a patient!

HDTV + Cats

| February 8, 2004

For some reason, since getting my HDTV, my cat, Arthur, has started watching television. I wonder if there is something about the pixel spacing/refresh rate/etc. in the old TV that he could not see, but he can in the new one. He always used to like what I was doing on the PC, so I know he could see that. Perhaps cats can see higher frame rates than we can, so until you go greater than that, they can see the flicker?

Anyway, he seems to like video games the most, but occasionally something on the TV will strike his fancy; usually something involving animals.

2.6.1 stuff

| February 8, 2004

I've declared 2.6.1 to be done for the weekend.

Non-gating issues (fixed or not important)

  • /dev support – turn it off, it actually screws stuff up since they've made it obsolete.
  • xosview doesn't seem to work anymore

Gating issues:

  • on YT, when I compile the kernel (make clean modules_install install), I get an error that says:

No module 3w-xxxx found for kernel 2.6.1 mkinitrd failed make[1]: [install] Error 1 make: [install] Error 2


Making it a module doesn't work either, because the module isn't loaded at boot, like it is supposed to be. Note that Case does not have this problem, despite having nearly the same card.

  • On Case, after boot/reboot, the first network connection to any given host fails. Like, I get:

ssh: connect to host foobar port 22: Resource temporarily unavailable

the first time, but then it works just fine after that. Firebird fails too, saying “Document contains no data”.

This happens regardless of ethernet card. It does not happen on YT.

So, I sent LKML an email, and we'll see if they have any suggestions.

Meanwhile, methinks I will clean up the miniatures & terrain section of my apartment and maybe paint a bit.

feeding the trolls

| February 5, 2004

So, I come back from the coffeehouse, and someone has responded to earlier LJ posts with much criticism. Read On. Feel free to comment. Please note:

  • the bad puctuation, grammar, etc.
  • that Mandrake and Suse are “real” distros, yet no mention is made of Debian or Slackware (which, given the inclusion of LFS and Gentoo, would strike me as more apt)
  • The cowardly anonymous postings. I understand if (s)he doesn't have an LJ username, but at least sign it. At least I have nothing to hide. Hell, my username is my real name.

what a weekend

| February 1, 2004

So, after work on Friday I went over to Liz's house to find that her oil had run out on her heater. Her landlady has a 24 hour service contract, so we called the man and he came over. He was supposed to be there between 8 and 11, but they were running late, so he showed up at 2am. We watched Bridget Jones's Diary. Not bad, but she's kind of a twit.

Saturday I bought groceries and came home and cleaned up a bit. Then Liz and Irene (her roommate) came over and I made baked haddock with a tomato and thyme sauce. I don't know how keen I am on that, though. The fish with tomato is fine, but thyme? I think I'll use oregano next time.

Today, we went downhill skiing. Now, I would ski cross country in the woods around my parents' house while I was growing up, so I've been on skis before. Howeber, this was tremendously different. I was somewhat annoyed at the beginning – you can't move your feet, and because I cannot move my feet in the bindings (they're attached heel and toe, unlike cross country) I could not get up when I fell. However, once I got the hang of it (it's more like a skating paradigm than what I consider a skiing paradigm) it was a lot more fun. I managed to get down the hill most of the time without falling, and towards the end it was mostly terrain issues (dodging a snowboarder caused me to hit a wee dip and I took a spill).

I also realize why skiiers hate snowboarders – they're always in the way. Sitting on the slopes, moving erratically, etc.

I think the day took a lot out of Liz, she's falling asleep on the couch watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

In other news, I've gotten kernel 2.6 to work. Warning to all: Do NOT turn on /dev support; it's obselete and is handled by devfs now. I accidentally turned it on while doing my laptop, and it wasn't being populated correctly and so the kernel couldn't find /dev/hda1 (which is root) and so therefore badness ensues. Also, as expected, 2.6.1 plays nicely with the riser card in my 3U server, so that should be coming online in the next couple weeks (575 GB, oooh yeah). I'll be doing it on my laptop too, so I'll have some comments on the latency and responsiveness improvements. I just have to recompile the PCMCIA card services in order to make it work with 2.6. The driver loads, it just can't set the ESSID and WEP key. But, I'm going to do the workstations first, because they should be easy drop-ins and I really need it for them (riser cards, scsi devices, etc.). With the laptop, it's more “usability” stuff (low latency and all that). One of the other nice buts about the new kernel is that all the patches (ipsec, newer dri versions) and special things (alsa modules) I have to do for 2.4 go out the window, because 2.6 comes with them.

I miss playing paintball. I need to find a new field when the weather warms up.