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2.6.2 updates

Posted By on February 21, 2004


  • xosview is fixed. Get the source here and the patch here (shift click). Untar the source, cd into the directory, then patch it with 'patch -p1 < path_to_patch". Then compile as normal.

  • touchpad still moves to fast. The screen resolution doesn't seem to do anything, nor does xset. I figure I'll grab the synaptics touchpad driver for X; that should give me more control.

  • I REALLY hate my rackmout case. The power and ethernet connections are on the side, and so they're a pain to get to.

I've resolved that I need to get one of these for the server and one of these for the media center PC. They fit standard boards and don't need riser cards, and all is happy. Now, the media center PC could go in there right away, but the problem with the server is that the board that I have depends on riser cards to give me the slots that I need for all the cards that I have. So, this means that I would need to get a new board, which would probably be another dual Athlon board. Of course, the problem with this is that it's expensive.

Oh well.

Time to do laundry, eat breafast (been up for hours, just haven't eaten), and do my tax returns.


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