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Posted By on February 16, 2004

Wed, British house of Commons, “Questions for the Prime Minister”:

“When is Israel going to be forced to surrender their weapons of mass destruction”.


I have to say, I like watching British gov't on C-SPAN better than US gov't on C-SPAN. I think the House asking questions of the Prime Minister is a good idea, I'd like to see the US House ask questions of the President. Plus, they hoot, hollar, argue, etc. It's kind of funny when the American political structure is stuffy and the British political structure is amusing.

Everyone is the “Right Honorable Gentleman”.

Now, they're debating schooling programs to have the children be more sociable. I think this is funny. From an American standpoint, we can't even ensure that kids get a good education.

Anyway, I have to move at some point, definitely in the next 2 years. My girlfriend is looking at graduate school, so it's fairly fixed that we would move some place where there is a University with a good graduate program. But, after that, we can go anywhere. She is, if not fluent, near-fluent in French, and I have taken classes in French for 4 years, but have fallen out of practice with it in the past 5 years or so. Any recomendations of countries or US states looking for computer hackers that also happen to be nice places to live?


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