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Yayy refunds!

| February 21, 2004

Between state and local governments, I am owed more than 2 weeks pay. Nice!

Got touchpad stuff working well using this driver.

The fans on my laptop (an inspiron 8100) were being goofy, so I recompiled the i8kutils, and that seemed to fix it. Probably depends on some kernel header stuff that changed or something.

Now that the laptop is set up, time to get my server up and stuff migrated over and all that.

2.6.2 updates

| February 21, 2004


  • xosview is fixed. Get the source here and the patch here (shift click). Untar the source, cd into the directory, then patch it with 'patch -p1 < path_to_patch". Then compile as normal.

  • touchpad still moves to fast. The screen resolution doesn't seem to do anything, nor does xset. I figure I'll grab the synaptics touchpad driver for X; that should give me more control.

  • I REALLY hate my rackmout case. The power and ethernet connections are on the side, and so they're a pain to get to.

I've resolved that I need to get one of these for the server and one of these for the media center PC. They fit standard boards and don't need riser cards, and all is happy. Now, the media center PC could go in there right away, but the problem with the server is that the board that I have depends on riser cards to give me the slots that I need for all the cards that I have. So, this means that I would need to get a new board, which would probably be another dual Athlon board. Of course, the problem with this is that it's expensive.

Oh well.

Time to do laundry, eat breafast (been up for hours, just haven't eaten), and do my tax returns.

2.6.2 on laptop

| February 20, 2004

Oh, The Virgin Suicides was good too.

Okay, so I have my wireless card working. It's wasn't the pcmcia-cs stuff; it was the fact that I turned on Ethernet over IEEE1394. Since it is on the board, and my wireless ethernet card isn't, it grabs eth0, and the wireless card wants eth1. My configuration is designed around eth0, so eth1 had no config. Giving it a config made it work just fine. It's still stupid, so I'm going to just take out the Ethernet over IEEE1394, since I'll never use it anyway.

The whole system seems crisper and more responsive.

My touchpad moves too fast though, so I'm recompiling it with the right screen resolution configured. I don't know if the touchpad uses it, but it says that things like graphics tablets do, so maybe this does too. I'll keep people posted, of course.

I think the only other thing I need to do is get xosview working.

What a week

| February 20, 2004

This has been an interesting week. I met some folks from the other branches parts of the company They said that they got more cooperation in the couple days that they were visiting us than they do when they're back at their home offices. It's just stupid. No one at this company talks to each other. I wonder if all big companies are like this? Probably. Everyone defending their own little areas, not talking to anyone else.

Anyhow, I'm watching Crime and Punishment and Suburbia. So far, it's one of the better movies I've seen in awhile. Perhaps because I identify with the narrator so much. I'm also drinking some “Cream Earl Grey” which is a tea that Liz got me for valentine's day. It's quite good.

Re: ESR, Bruce, and Linus probably have less of a problem with proprietary software than I do. After all, they’re all pragmatists. ESR wrote that, for some people, proprietary software makes sense, especially if boxed software is your only product. I think that such a business model is stupid, and so I refuse to work for a software company. This is why I work for a company that makes printers. We sell hardware, and do anything we can to sell printers. This means drivers. Drivers will be written in the most economical way possible, and on whatever platforms are desired by customers. If customers come to us demanding GPL-ed Linux drivers, and that means that they will buy 400 printers + 5 million dollars worth of media over 5 years, then we will probably write them. ESR understands that. Linus uses BitKeeper for kernel RCS. Why? Because no free software tool stacks up. RMS got all over him for it, and he said “fine, write me a better one and I’ll use it”. Bruce worked for HP and Pixar, both of which sell proprietary software. That is the way of businesses. They are slow to respond, and even then only to market pressures. They do not care about zealots or morals or duty or honor. They care about money. If you can make a case for free software that makes sense, they’ll use it. (For example, when it was time to upgrade, we switched all our core servers to Debian boxes and with the money we saved on Windows 2003 server + Client Access Licenses were able to pay for the servers). This is reality. Anything else is fantasy. So, get your head our of your fucking ass. Re: Well, thank you Joe, but I thought I was doing rather well. Re: everyone who said I should delete posts to stop the trolls I regard this as a public forum, otherwise it wouldn’t be posted on the net; it would be a mailing list or something. Therefore, anyone can post to it, and I will let them. The one exception is, of course, spam. While I do not have a problem with people sending me spam, I do delete it as soon as I get it. Spam on the LJ will be the same. However, anyone who says anything else, including trolls or things deemed offensive, will be allowed.

Updated house rules

| February 17, 2004

Added some more Weapon Proficiency feats

The Rules

Figures for 1920'2-1930's games

| February 17, 2004

A piece of advice

| February 16, 2004

Because I didn't believe when the old timers at work told me.

Don't ever give up doing something you enjoy because something needs doing and no one else will do it. You know, the whole “take one for the team” and suck it up and do something that's good for the company. Hold on to what you like to do, and be happy doing that, no matter what.


| February 16, 2004

Wed, British house of Commons, “Questions for the Prime Minister”:

“When is Israel going to be forced to surrender their weapons of mass destruction”.


I have to say, I like watching British gov't on C-SPAN better than US gov't on C-SPAN. I think the House asking questions of the Prime Minister is a good idea, I'd like to see the US House ask questions of the President. Plus, they hoot, hollar, argue, etc. It's kind of funny when the American political structure is stuffy and the British political structure is amusing.

Everyone is the “Right Honorable Gentleman”.

Now, they're debating schooling programs to have the children be more sociable. I think this is funny. From an American standpoint, we can't even ensure that kids get a good education.

Anyway, I have to move at some point, definitely in the next 2 years. My girlfriend is looking at graduate school, so it's fairly fixed that we would move some place where there is a University with a good graduate program. But, after that, we can go anywhere. She is, if not fluent, near-fluent in French, and I have taken classes in French for 4 years, but have fallen out of practice with it in the past 5 years or so. Any recomendations of countries or US states looking for computer hackers that also happen to be nice places to live?

Vintage ads

| February 15, 2004

Tommy Gun + Cowboys Basically, the Thompson Submachine Gun was sold to the US army in WWI. However, once it was accepted, the war was over. There is now a huge surplus of them that the company needed to sell off. So, they start marketing it to the public as a home defense weapon, using ads such as the above.

Silly TV

| February 15, 2004

1.) Our local news station is advertising their new helicopter – “the only news helicopter in Rhode Island”.

2.) The word “retarded” was bleeped on the TV. I guess I should stop using it to describe the business plans I keep hearing about…