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Char sheets and GM screens

| January 30, 2004


| January 30, 2004

Is dead. Call of Cthulhu D20 killed it. It fixes the majority of my problems with the D20 system (namely, classes. I hate classes. They have a very elegant class-less system, which basically allows you to create your own classes). So, I am going to use those rules with a couple house rules. What is still broken:

1.) Armor should reduce damage, not make you harder to hit. 2.) There should be some mechanic by which you can go to the shooting range, bust some caps, and become better at shooting.

I think these can be accomplished with house rules. I will post them here.

Now it's on to stories and crib sheets. Things will be posted here. (Not stories, of course, but other helper bits)


| January 25, 2004

None of my light guns work with the 100Hz refresh rate of my TV. I sad. I used to have one that did, but it broke. There is another one on the market that does, but I don't really like it all that much.

I suppose I'll just wait – after all, in a year, if you want to be in the Light Gun business, you'll have to make it work with HDTV's.

Anyway, time for video games.

I did a bad bad thing…

| January 25, 2004

So, yesterday, Liz and I were supposed to go skiing. Except, I don't have any ski pants, so we went up to Warwick to buy some ski pants. While we were there, we started looking at mattresses (because Liz has a nice queen size bed but she just tossed her single mattress on it and it looks a little silly). Then, I got an itch and we started looking at TV's. I wasn't looking to buy, unless I found a really good deal….

I found a really good deal.

Tremendous kudos to Simon who drove up to Warwick with his truck to pick it up for me when it wouldn't fit in my car.

my new tv Philips 34 inch widescreen hdtv monitor

My brain is mush

| January 23, 2004

Which reminds me, 2 choice quotes from Marj's children (Marj is one of the Software Engineers at work):

1.) After hearing that I was planning on spending the weekend playing PS2, her son said: “His brain is going to turn to mush”.

2.) After hearing about the rap dictionary that Sabin told me about, her daughter said: “When geeks go ghetto, it's a scary thing”.

Anyway, my brain is mush because I've spent the day:

  • Doing up a feature list for each driver version
  • Doing up a schedule for this quarter
  • Drafting a change authorization procedure (before you just asked, now I want accountability)
  • Making a list of who owns what code

Okay, enough of a break. Need to see what needs fixing. To the bugtracker!!!

first cut of rpg

| January 22, 2004

It's not done yet, but this will give people a feel for it, I think.

I don't say it on here, but it is made to be mostly compatible with d20 modern + D&D 3rd ed equipment lists. The only thing that needs to be changed is armor. The game balance is slightly altered – starting characters will end up having more starting HP. This is intentional.

I need to make up a skill list too.

new rpg rules

no coffeehouse today

| January 22, 2004

There is a band playing there, and this makes conversation hard….

I'm back!

| January 21, 2004

I was just busy so I didn't update my LJ…

  • Thursdays in the coffeehouse are back on. Woohoo.

  • You know you're back in Rhode Island when a voice comes over the airport intercom asking for an “electric caht”. (For the non Rhode Islanders, Rhode Islanders do not pronounce the letter 'r' in many pieces of sentence construction. For example, car becomes “cah”. Rhode Island is said “Roedylin”.)

  • I am bitten by the Role Playing Game bug again. I am planning on banging out a new Role Playing Game system, that aims to be as simple as d20 modern, without being quite so lame. I will let people know how it goes and keep you appraised of progress. Rules will be posted, of course.

Went to Universal Studios

| January 18, 2004

So, we went to Universal Studios today. Not a bad place to spend the day. Not much to say about it. I took some pictures, but nothing really worth posting.

Yesterday we visited an injection molding facility. It's pretty nifty how they mold plastic, and all the cool stuff they can do. They actually make a lot of the molds by making the inverse of the mold out of carbon, then putting it in a machine that presses the carbon close to the hardened steel and hits it with something like 25kV, causing an arc that blows off a layer of steel. It does this over and over until the mold is made. Pretty cool.

It also reinforced why I'm happy I went to college – I do not want to work at a factory putting in screws all day, nor do I want to work in a plastic place running a molding machine all day.

I guess that's it. Night all.

Update from Cali

| January 16, 2004

It's been a long two days. Crash course in SCO history, IRC style

So, I had a long series of meetings yesterday and today, and one of them culminated in me going toe to toe in heated discussion with our divisional president (the division that does about 90 million in sales a year) over open source stuff. It actually was productive – he argued well, made good points, and I think a lot of it is playing devil's advocate. However, he LISTENED, and he's one of the first people at this company to do that. Anyway, I think it scared some of the more conservative engineers in the group – the man could have fired me, kicked me out of the meeting, etc. and instead he actually sat there and we tried to convince each other for like half an hour. After the meeting, several people remarked at how surprised they were that he actually kept talking to me, and how I could have gotten myself into a lot of trouble. They're right. But, I'm too young and too mobile to bite my tongue when I have an idea. I'm not going to knuckle under, either. In all, I think it was productive, and I feel good about it. I also need to send him an email and tell him that I appreciate him listening.

Last night was an party at a Greek restaurant. It was okay. I drank pretty heavily – 3 whiskey sours and an old fashioned, which is a lot for me. Made me happy and pleasant. Tonight was similar, we went up to Santa Barbara and hit a good mexican place and 4 engineers drank 2 pitchers of margaritas. So, we were happy. Then we took a walk down the wharf and came back home.

Mikey and Arthur Mikey and Arthur Liz got some fresh catnip Arthur and catnip Time to go to bed.